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You help people thrive.

You are trained as a wellness expert or expert-to-be and you help people shift towards thrive. You take people who are in discomfort, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and you guide them into their next level of wholeness. You guide your people towards balance, integrity, healing and thrive. 

You know you could work more deeply with people.
You want to lead groups through deep transformation.
You sense what you would teach, guide, or deliver
… if you could just make up your own program. 

You are good at what you do. You’ve been trained well by great teachers, great healers, great doctors, and enlightened masters. You’ve clearly found your calling. You’re meant to do this work. You’re good at it. You love it.

However, if you’re like most wellness experts, experts-to-be, yoga teachers, and holistic practitioners you haven’t optimized your business, sales, marketing, and management skills. As a result, you don’t have diversified income streams that flow right into your retirement savings. You trade your hours for dollars. You only have so much time for your work.

You want to leverage your time for impact.
You want to leverage your time for income.

You need a new business model for your wellness career.

It’s time to get smart about how your run your wellness career.

You want to a business model that helps people invest in their potential,
and helps you do your deepest, best work.
It’s win win.
In the process, you could double your income.

Perhaps you

You want to make more money. You feel overwhelmed at how much time and energy you put into your work and the return in your bank account. You see other wellness experts taking their careers to the next level, perhaps using online technology, and are unclear exactly what should be your plan.
You realize the internet is a game-changer for who you could reach. But, you don’t know what exactly is the best way to use your website, your facebook page and your email newsletter to up your annual income.
You sense the connection economy is full of possibilities and opportunities. You see other people offering higher investment programs to their clients, students, and patients. Some are successful, some are not. You’re not sure you could be successful at filling higher price point programs.
 You know you need to get better at using technology. But, you’re not sure what you need to learn yourself, and what you could delegate. You don’t want to spend all your time on the computer. It seems you have to spend more time on the computer every year just to run your career.
You want to plan for your future, and make smart choices now. You want to save more for your elder years. To do so, you know you need to change how you work, but you don’t have a clear map.
build deliver sell
You know you’re a good at helping people get healthier but you haven’t organized your work for depth. You want to change peoples lives, but your career isn’t currently set up to get people heavily invested in their health. Your career isn’t set up for you to guide invested people through a deep transformational journey.
You want to work with people who are truly ready to grow and change. You want people to pay more for your advice… and to take action on what you advise. You want people to come ready to connect, to do the work, to change, to learn to evolve. But the reality you haven’t set up your career, your programs and your enrollment process to help people commit to the depth of work you want to do with them. Your clients don’t know how you can help them, and therefore can’t be as committed or consistent as you’d like.
You don’t know what to do. Raise your rates? But, you’re schedule isn’t even booked as it is. You know your time is worth more, when you account for the extra time with clients emails, notes, and preparing for work and staying later than planned. You need to figure out a way to earn more money for your time, but don’t know how to systematically put a income -building plan in action that excites your clients and students.
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You want more freedom in your lifestyle. You want more a schedule that works for you. But you’re stuck in the reality that you’re overextended and don’t have enough time for your family or your self as it is.
If you’re having even one of these experiences, you are not alone. Chances are you haven’t been trained in growing your wellness career for leveraging your time. You haven’t been trained as an entrepreneur. You’re had excellent training as a healer, a teacher, a wellness provider. But let’s be honest. That is a very different set of skills. Your holistic training didn’t include a component on how to niche yourself; how to leverage your time; how to create a sustainable, thriving career. You know how to help people which is very different that knowing how to grow your income at the same time.

Most of us think we need to be a better yoga teacher, a better healer, a better wellness provider to see a boost in our bank account. We think if we just go to the next training, learn another modality, get another certification, study with an enlightened guru we will start to see the kind of return on our investment we’ve been hoping for all along. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Do you want to Double Your income?

Why is it that despite our solid skills in our field, and despite years of investment in our personal and spiritual growth we still aren’t making the kind of money that we need to truly thrive… to truly experience abundance in our bank account?

Until now, you’ve focused your training on becoming a wellness expert. (Although most wellness experts don’t consider themselves experts). Focusing on the training of your particular wellness expertise has been absolutely essential to building the toolkit of your body-mind awareness that you use everyday to help people.

Your training until this point has enabled a mind-body evolution for you to experience a subtle integration of who you are. The temple of your body is awake to a higher integration, a higher wisdom, that most people you know ever experience. And when things go wrong in this body-mind, you know what to do to right the situation. You do this for yourself all the time. You do this with others all the time. You may be a healer, a teacher, a gifted guide and mentor, or even a doctor.

It may seem at odds that this wouldn’t be enough to create an abundant retirement for a life of honest work.

To build abundance in our bank account, we need a different kind of career training. If you’re a wellness expert, you need to learn how to design, build and sell your unique program for transformation

up your income

Build Your Own Signature Program
We Start September 15.

If only you had a system, a program, to escort people through the deep transformational journey that they need.The journey that you yourself have walked and are a trained expert in. If only you could bring together the most important skills you use everyday.Many people are talking about simple things you can do to grow your wellness career.  Most don’t have a specific, effective journey for you to take that delivers results in real time. You need to think about the results your clients, students and patients are after. You need to consider if you can actually deliver those results.
If you can, we’re on to something that will change your life. If you can get your clients the results they want, I can help you build a program around that. I can teach you how to sell your program to those most wanting to invest in the change you can help them with. I can teach you how to best deliver your program to get the best results. I can teach you how to hit your income targets, while bringing the most committed clients into your deepest work.
You’ll be happier. Your clients will transform master. You’ll be able to set higher income targets for yourself. With a Signature Program build around your best work it is that simple.We need a training that gives us the time to implement new ways of being with our clients and students. When we look back on our personal evolution we see that our learning wasn’t instantaneous. Our learning, our personal evolution, came from regular practices, even daily practices.When we awaken to this concept – that we need a training for our business we have a tendency to want it all at once. We think that when we buy the book, or the course we will get it and our bank account will begin to burgeon. But the truth is you have to go through an evolutionary process. You have to be a student to get the business training you need. You have to invest your attention in what you want to learn. You need to do the work, with guidance, with accountability to maintain momentum once you start hitting roadblocks.
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How This Works

In my journey with I’ve built a number of signature programs. Each signature program I’ve built brings in over six figures. It wasn’t always this way.

Over the past five years I’ve helped my colleagues build, deliver and sell their own signature programs to double their income.

The Build and Deliver parts are the easier parts for all wellness experts. The Sell part usually takes some serious training. The 9 month course I’ve built and tested gets you through both the easy and the hard parts that make this leveraged income stream work.

My clients are amazed at how far they come in 9 months. And most continue to work with me after the 9 month training as they LOVE the RESULTS they are getting from their Signature Program. They want to implement the next level.

I want to see you do your deepest, best, and most original work in the world. I don’t want you to grow old using someone else’s template. You have unique life experience. You have the personal practices that you will never give up, because they work. You want your clients, students, or patients to develop these same practices. To be held accountable. To be supported by a group that is gaining traction in the same areas. You want to lead your own Signature Program.

Your Signature Program will become your favorite work. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. You’ll get the business training to make the most of what you develop, deliver and sell. And your clients will thank you for stepping up and doing your best work in the world. I’m serious. They will.

You have the potential to leverage your time, your energy and your wellness wisdom to have a bigger impact. And a bigger bank account.

Let’s get on it. Together. Join me for my 9 month Build Your Signature Program Training. You’ll build your Program. You’ll Deliver. You’ll get results. You’ll learn to Sell it. You’ll put a leverage-able income stream in place in 9 months. And… you’ll have a blast doing the best work of your life.

And if you don’t… you’ll end up working too hard without enough depth.


What Participants are saying:

“I just totalled up my income from Jan-Sept and I made $ 20,000.00 more than i had projected when you asked me what I wanted to make this year in our first week of Yogahealer Business Course a year ago. Which is awesome!!” – anonymous yoga teacher from Canada. She would like to remain anonymous… as it’s awkward for yoga teachers to talk about money.

What Cate’s Clients Report:

I built, delivered and sold my Signature Program.
My clients loved the journey I took them on.
I learned how to help my clients invest significantly more money in our work together.
My Signature Program work is my favorite work, and causing me to evolve on multiple levels.
My business savvy improved.
I know how to build a tribe around my best work.
I’m getting better at using technology.
I know how to delegate tasks to help me leverage my skills.

“Thank you Cate! Your focus, wisdom and clear insights moved me from having lots of ideas with little focus to feeling grounded and clear in starting my business. You are so generous in sharing your wisdom. I am looking forward to what unfolds in Mentors Club. You are a gift”. – Kate, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner.

“I have been listening to our calls from the Business Club again and I am amazed to experience how far we’ve all come as a group. I can hear in the Q&A we were little baby entrepreneurs last September…now, I am able to stay aware of attuning to the universal as it moves through me in action,even when I get stressed out over tech troubles or deadlines… You really helped me seat my career into my heart and I am experiencing amazing results. Money is flowing in a whole new easeful way now in my business, and I am enjoying myself so much more as I work on all the aspects of my business. Thank you Cate! Let me know when you offer the next chapter.” – Jessica Jennings, founder

The Build Your Signature Program Course fulfills two purposes:

You co-create your Signature Program with a group of clients.
You learn how to market and sell your program to double your income.

Preview the 9 month Training

Your Signature Program Training Includes:

Weekly condensed quick specific webinars to build, deliver and sell your signature system. (30-60 min.weekly)
Audio version of webinars for easy download
Workbook PDF’s for each month
Guest speaker library for extra techie + strategy training
Video library of special techie vidoeos
Tight knit Signature Program Facebook private group to connect and get your questions answered.
Live group coaching calls with Cate every other week for 9 months
Library of group coaching call archives, keyword-ed by topic.

Change your Career in 9 Months

Month 1 : Prepare Your Path
Month 2: Sketch Your Pilot
Month 3: Get Leads to Fill Your Pilot Program
Month 4: Lead Your First Group: Build + Deliver
Month 5: Deliver. Marketing + Annual Scheduling
Month 6: Your Website + Opt-In
Month 7: Customize Your Content Marketing Plan
Month 8: Build your Mastermind
Month 9: Nurture A Tribe

Hear from Cate’s Signature Program Clients

Kery Helmer

“The most valuable thing I learned in Cate’s course is my story. I learned from Cate that I could take my experiences, the tools I used, what worked for me and what didn’t work for me to create my Signature Program for other women who are going through what I went through. I designed my Signature Program to help my clients move though difficult transitions with easy, grace and efficiency. I can’t believe how much my career has changed since taking Cate’s Program, and being in her community. Now, I’m making a great income and supporting my daughter as a single mom.”

Kery Helmer

“Before I started working with Cate I had no idea what direction to take. I wanted to have an online wellness business, but didn’t know where to begin. I learned everything from Cate. After the course I have a good grip on how to be successful on line, from attracting people into the Signature Program I . The dollar size I put on my courses now is much higher than before I started with Cate. Now I know how to sell higher dollar courses. Thank goodness You’ll change your life for the better if you take the Yogahealer Business Course Signature Program. It’s an honor to be in this process with her.”

Lisa Bertuzzi

Lisa Bertuzzi

Dawn Lane- Advanced Yoga Systems

“Cate’s Yogahealer Business Course Signature Program is easy to comprehend and down to earth. Cate has helped me go from yoga teacher to a true leader for women in my city. She builds a great support system into this course, which has helped me grow and held me accountable to stepping into a leadership role and empowering other women. My business is growing and my clients are thrilled at what they get to experience through working with me. I’ve become much more confident in my career.”

Dawn Lane- Advanced Yoga Systems

“Through working with Cate’s program I’ve learned how to help my clients invest in the outcomes they want. I can encourage them to invest and know they are “worth it.” This personalized way of helping people enroll in my programs is helping me realize that they trust me, and I can trust and accept my worth on a deeper level. I’ve set the stage for the next level of my career. Thanks Cate.”

Karla Johnston-Krase

Karla Johnston-Krase

Gracy Obuchowicz

“I have way more drive than I ever knew since upleveling my yoga career with Cate. I’m a much more dynamic human being that I expected. I thought I needed someone else to take care of me. I learned I have way more drive that I did when I was just teaching yoga. Now I’m able to make a great living for myself. And, I get way more appreciation from my students in my programs. Their depth of transformation is way more than I could offer when I was just teaching yoga. I’m so grateful. Plus, I’m on track to doubling my income”

Gracy Obuchowicz

“I”m all about teaching yoga with kids. Cate has helped me see where i can make an impact and a difference. Through this course I discovered where best to spend my time. I unearthed my shadow issues with accounting and tech skills. Now I have more time for my kids while being more successful at my business. And I love delivering my Signature Program.”

Krista Strayer

Krista Strayer

Carrie Wicks

“I am a Ph.D. in Psychology with NO business training. It turns out that business and psychology are very similar so the ideas are familiar to me and the intentions of connecting deeply with others to effect change are aligned. Within 4 months of YBC, I sold 6 memberships to my new program! Everyday I tend this new endeavor: I wake up before dawn with a renewed enthusiasm about my work and my life, tend my personal practice, and then grow the program before my regular client load begins. Cate has guided me to peel away the layers of “normal” for a psychologist in private practice to reveal an incredible exciting model that not only makes community where there were isolated individuals but it provides tools to the individuals to understand how pursuing their passions from a mindful perspective illuminates all aspects of their lives! Thanks so much to Cate for sharing her wisdom and ever-flowing vision with me!”

Carrie Wicks

“Cate’s business course delivers. It is loaded with highly practical content and deep work all geared towards supporting you to evolve your business. Through this course I have gained clarity around who I can best support and how to best serve them. I now have a clear vision and actionable steps of how to direct my energy and resources to grow my impact and income. Thanks Cate!”

Kate Towell

Kate Towell

Sarah Hutchinson

“The Business Club plays the woven edge of consciousness and business;a place of self discovery and exploring your dharma. Like yoga, business skills are a practice, for which we need a teacher. Cate guided me to a new level of self awareness and practicality. I clarified my intentions and learned business skills to enhance my classes and workshops; synching up with the new economy.”

Sarah Hutchinson

“This morning is the first live call for my Signature Program. It’s FULL! Stepping into a new role, a new level of presence and being. Trust, faith, and hard work has opened the flood gates for people to come to me! This course has changed my life, as well as my work. I’m already thinking to Round 2 and Part 2 of my Signature Program.”

Adena Harford

Adena Harford

Tanya Mark

“YBC completely changed the course of my career. A big AH HA moment for me occurred when I was coached to offer programs at higher price points that I didn’t think were possible – and got a $25,000 client. The key word is programs not single appointments. This critical shift is allowing me to build the career of my dreams – one where I can be more efficient with my time as a coach and the ability to be location independent in the future. And through the skills that I learned in YBC, I created my signature on-line program, The Empowered Women’s Wellness Club, a 10-week health evolution course for women who are tired of the muffin-top, lack of energy and overwhelm and are ready to “dial-in” cutting-edge eating, exercise and stress management strategies to fit into those skinny jeans, for good. “

Tanya Mark

About Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman

I started in 2001. I built my first Signature Program, the Living Ayurveda Course in 2007 when I was pregnant with Indigo. My Signature Program changed the 20 peoples lives who engaged with me. My Signature Program also changed my life. I earned an extra $20,000 the year my child was born, and I worked less than I ever had in my adult life.

As other Signature Programs I built flourished my colleagues began asking for my help. As I helped them create their own unique offerings they began to get better results for their clients and students. I created this program after 5 years of coaching other wellness experts. I streamlined all the processes I was using into the most efficient and fun way for a wellness expert (or expert-to-be) to deepen their work. And add an income stream, like I did back in 2008.

Along the way, I’ve heavily invested in programs and private coaching. If you join my programs, you know I don’t hold back. I’m a smart cookie, and I’ll help you get ahead quicker.
Perhaps you’re really ready to experience success at the next level… and you’re ready to invest in the experience. I”m taking a small group – only 20 wellness experts or experts-to-be– who wants to play a bigger game within the vibrant health industry. I’ll help you succeed in your vision.
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