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Your Business is Yoga (with Kris Nelson)

“Getting over the illusion that business is non-yogic, non-spiritual, I think is one of our next frontiers in the evolution of yoga.” – Kris Nelson

Most yogis don’t have a goal of making a enough money to have a sizable impact. Most yoga teachers I know would be quite pleased with themselves if they can buy organic kale, dark chocolate … Read more

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Ayurveda-matrika – SEO for 2011

I wanted to share with all y’all this note from an old friend (who wants so remain anonymous to keep her saweet job teaching Ayurveda to Yogis). This stuff is too good to make up – I’ve edited nothing but her name and employer:


I want to take your courses, your one-on-one — whatever…

I’m a bit stuck and … Read more

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Coffee & Kimchi

Dear fans and rebels:

Admist gads of requests for the free well-th to wealth workshop), I’ve had a few emails and FB posts about chocolate and coffee this week. Not surprising as we’re hitting the first signs of kapha season. The depth of winter stimulates a deeper agni, and the body desires stimulants for blasting open

Bed son due

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Well-th into Wealth- Free Workshop!

Thanks rebels for the huge response to the free workshop. Every line was taken. For those who missed it the workshop gives you the following tools:

  • Connect with the current of your dharma in 2011
  • Open new doorways to serve your community
  • Create a unique offering (you’ll even sketch a flyer) out of the ethers as an expression of your
  • Read more

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3 tips for Ayurvedic Practitioners in 2011

Being an Ayurvedic Pracitioner in many ways is getting easier. 10 years ago most gyms didn’t have a decent yoga program. Most people now can recognize triangle pose a mile away. This shift into yoga has paved the way for us Ayurvedic Practitioners.  Our neighbors are discovering their interioirty… their inner body… their subtle physiology. Our hospitals have mind-body stress … Read more

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