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Detox Stories

I asked my Yogidetox community for personal yogidetox stories. The stories from my detoxers split open my heart. At the helm of this big ship I can’t know each person’s unique process. I often think I don’t need to guide the Yogidetox anymore – our culture has evolved to making this commonplace enough.

Yet these stories invigorate my personal detox … Read more

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Detox Cheatsheet: Daily Checklist + Food Guidelines

Step 1: Detox your kitchen
The first rule of detox is make space. Make space in your fridge. Make space on your counter. Get our your blender and your juicer. Chuck the junk. You don’t need it anymore and you won’t want it when we’re done.

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How to Detox Without Losing Weight

What is the Detox Opportunity for the Skinny Yogini? Detox is a concentrated time where we try new habits on. Changing habits is hard. During a detox we change a lot of habits all at once. These habit changes aren’t meant to be sustainable. The shift is a Great Leap Forward. We have a great leap. A massive reset. And from this new seat we decide that which is worth maintaining in the day to day.

Listen to the video where Beth and I uncover the opportunity for her to reset her physiology in tune with the rest she needs. We work out an easy plan for her to use the yogidetox to reset:

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Q+A for Yogi Detoxing

I put the word out in the last email about your questions for your next seasonal detox. I got back a slew of questions… and here are the ones I answer in the video. You can also just download the audio. And – you can print the 5 Steps to Your Detox Cheatsheet here. It’s all about connection and nourishment – not deprivation.

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Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

While I’m obviously a seasoned seasonal yogidetoxer there is something you should know: I’m also a rebel. And Rebels are Cheaters during a detox. I’ve resisted authority since I can remember. Naturally, my mom was the first victim of my rebellious behavior. I was a stubborn kid with a know-it-all attitude.. and a sharp whippersnapper at that. I didn’t have a complacent bone in my body.

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Why Yogis Dig Detox

Clear your Channels. To know how your body works from the inside out. To know your tools. Heal your old injuries. Advance your practice.

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Ayurveda for Spring Guidelines

I’ve made you a Spring Day Cheatsheet. Print it, and put it on your fridge. You are welcome to forward it around on Facebook or link in your next newsletter if you have yoga students to share it with.

Ayurveda Guidelines for Spring – Print + Share

spring cheat sheet

Detox the Junk in your Trunk

Unglue your gut. Unflannel your channels. … Read more

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Juice Bar Detox 101

Why drink more juice?

Juice added to a Standard American Diet won’t make much of an impact. It’s more about what you’re taking out. Take everything else out – the coffee and muffin, the turkey sandwich, the chicken and rice, and glass of wine, and your body naturally starts to optimize. For most people, optimizing means detox. Fasting on juice versus water has the added benefit of flushing your cells and energizing your blood and brain.

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The case for Yogis to Cleanse

In rebuttal to the following blog post,

Sick of cleanse and detox bullshit, yes I am Published on January 23, 2012 by 

I wrote:

Hi Shana,

I agree- any lack of consciousness of of nourishment from earth to table is reprehensible.

Yet, I sense in your accolades e a lack of appreciation for a positive perspective of what is … Read more

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Ayurveda Detox Tips

I have a 60 minute free lecture on 3 Fresh Tips for your Detox. The reason these tips are fresh is they are basic tenets of an evolutionary healthcare perspective. This is a new perspective that is emerging, that goes beyond any one system of healthcare, or one way of detoxing, or one way of eating. The tenets reflect a global movement of human beings waking up to and playing the edge of their wellness capacity. The tenets reflect a planetary shift of collaboration with the Earth and the plants which feed us.

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