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Compelling Conversation

Today I had the lovely opportunity to have a compelling conversation with Dr. Claudia Welch and the Healthier Hormones community we have created together. We let the Shakti lead a beautiful and compelling conversation into greater integrity in our bodies and in our lives. Listen to our compelling conversation

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Yoga Teachers Income Building Workshop

Dear Yoga teachers, healers & holistic wellness providers,

Your recording is ready. You will LOVE this call. Rave reviews. Super helpful. Not salesy… I promise.

Reviews from  Yoga Teachers & Wellness Providers:

“Cate, that was awesome.  I learned so much (about what I’m doing AND not doing!) and I felt the excitement of the potential of greater success.  Read more

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How to Make a Better Living for Yoga Teachers and Healers

Ginny, who is an absolutely fabulous teacher in a medium sized town fears the competition from an expanding “hot yoga” studio across town. Her classes haven’t grown with her teaching skills and she needs them to grow to thrive. People that come to Ginny’s class love her teaching… but it doesn’t translate into them bringing their friends. Ginny is afraid to invest any more in her yoga career – and she can’t return to her old job, without losing a major investment in her yoga career.

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Emerging Potentials after the Anusara Fallout

From the biggest perspective I can glimpse into, I sense something like this is happening: Anusara in its heyday represented an evolution for a small group of human culture. We were evolving how to be and teach embodied higher connectivity. While the brand is crumbling around us, the big question for me is what is emerging from that evolution and how can we work together to co-create something that is truly for the highest good.

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Achieve your goals

As people on the path, we are very involved in our personal growth.

We set intentions, goals, resolutions. We want to be better than we are currently.

We live the paradox of being both whole and complete and with consciously engaging our evolving edges.

We have the best intentions. Yet, we often fall short of our goal. Why? Most of…

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Shadow work in making a bigger impact.

When you put yourself out there… vulnerable and excited to create a BIGGER positive shift in the world….

do you notice a subtle lurking constriction that sucks your juice?

Cindy Lou guides me out of this ancient protective pattern. Download or play below. (Cindy Lou is the Integral Coach for the Mentors Club.)

Listen as she guides … Read more

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Think Big, take risks, be a force of what you know!

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? If you’d rather: 

Think small, play it safe and improve yourself, then you have to back up a blog post.

You see, the two are intrinsically at odds. Until this ruptures the core of your being, you’ll do the latter. Open yourself to THE conversation, and listen:

**free workshop**
Make a bigger impact using what Read more
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Think small, play it safe and improve yourself.

Many yoga teachers and healers read my blog.

This post is for you.

We have an experience of the infinite in the finite. There will always be more to explore in your subtle body. (Remember… the nature of the subtle and of consciousness is expansive)!

How is the world experiencing your deeper truth?

For over 2 years I’ve been studying … Read more

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Your Business is Yoga (with Kris Nelson)

“Getting over the illusion that business is non-yogic, non-spiritual, I think is one of our next frontiers in the evolution of yoga.” – Kris Nelson

Most yogis don’t have a goal of making a enough money to have a sizable impact. Most yoga teachers I know would be quite pleased with themselves if they can buy organic kale, dark chocolate … Read more

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