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Detox Cheatsheet: Daily Checklist + Food Guidelines

Step 1: Detox your kitchen
The first rule of detox is make space. Make space in your fridge. Make space on your counter. Get our your blender and your juicer. Chuck the junk. You don’t need it anymore and you won’t want it when we’re done.

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How to Detox Without Losing Weight

What is the Detox Opportunity for the Skinny Yogini? Detox is a concentrated time where we try new habits on. Changing habits is hard. During a detox we change a lot of habits all at once. These habit changes aren’t meant to be sustainable. The shift is a Great Leap Forward. We have a great leap. A massive reset. And from this new seat we decide that which is worth maintaining in the day to day.

Listen to the video where Beth and I uncover the opportunity for her to reset her physiology in tune with the rest she needs. We work out an easy plan for her to use the yogidetox to reset:

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Q+A for Yogi Detoxing

I put the word out in the last email about your questions for your next seasonal detox. I got back a slew of questions… and here are the ones I answer in the video. You can also just download the audio. And – you can print the 5 Steps to Your Detox Cheatsheet here. It’s all about connection and nourishment – not deprivation.

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5 Steps to Detox Cheatsheet

Dear YogiDetoxer,

I’ve created a few cheatsheets for you in anticipation of your upcoming at-home-retreat/self-care upgrade sess.

Here is the first one. It’s a Treasure Hunt for your Better Body. It’s also 5 Steps to your Yogidetox. Enjoy. Share the love. Pin. etc.

Here is your next cheatsheet. Print. And Share!

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Compelling Conversation

Today I had the lovely opportunity to have a compelling conversation with Dr. Claudia Welch and the Healthier Hormones community we have created together. We let the Shakti lead a beautiful and compelling conversation into greater integrity in our bodies and in our lives. Listen to our compelling conversation

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Resolve to be Useful

I’ve been noticing the conversation “out there” about resolutions. The tide seems to be shifted away from resolutions (argument: they don’t work) and towards something else. The something else isn’t well articulated. Here is my two cents:

Humans are part of a cyclical planet. Cycles have pulsation. Resolve is part of the pulsation. If we don’t take time out to … Read more

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Solstice Update + Freedom Lifestyle

It’s been awhile since I gave you the

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The Yogi’s Dharma + the Holy Daze

Most western yogis are situated in a crux during the month of December. The more yoga we do the more aparigraha, a yogic tenet of non-greed, non-attachment, and non-hoarding, takes root. The Yogi’s heart stops associating the feeling of lack with materials need, and starts to associate the feeling of lack with disconnect from the Universal.

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Cheaters, Rebels & Goodie Two Shoes

While I’m obviously a seasoned seasonal yogidetoxer there is something you should know: I’m also a rebel. And Rebels are Cheaters during a detox. I’ve resisted authority since I can remember. Naturally, my mom was the first victim of my rebellious behavior. I was a stubborn kid with a know-it-all attitude.. and a sharp whippersnapper at that. I didn’t have a complacent bone in my body.

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Ayurveda and Fermented Foods

After a few years in my Ayurvedic practice I went to India for 3 months to see what I could learn. During that time I completed Dr. Lad’s Gurukula program in Ayurvedic practice, I spent a few weeks at Krishnamacharya’s YogaMandiram chanting, I sat a Goenke Vipassana Retreat, and I studied Pancha Karma in Kerala. A day didn’t go by that I wasn’t served small batch fermented foods.

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