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Spray Your Sprouts

You may have noticed the sprouts disappear from your whole foods store. I sprout at home…so I was in the dark on this one. Then one day I was in a Whole Foods when I was traveling. Looking for my essentials for my green drink (sprouts, greens, celery, apples, lemon) I was stumped. I looked for the sprouts for at … Read more

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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 2: Systems Theory

I find the crux is in keeping perspective. In the last lesson I waxed poetic on the importance of keeping a flossed inner body throughout the day – an expanded physiological reality. In this lesson I drive home the necessity of tapping into and maintaining a ginormous cosmos-centered perspective. Odin figured this out. Not the dog…but the Norse God – the father of Thor -the god of the mysterious realms of wisdom.

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Ayurveda Guidelines for Summer

Ayurveda Guidelines for Summer – a one page Quick Guide to print and pin on your fridge. Print a few to share at your local yoga studio.

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How to indoor garden

I know you know why you might want to grow you own food… or take your food growing to the next level. I interviewed Peter Burke to find out from the pro what I can do easily to grow food through the winter. Peter published Indoor Gardening. He spends about 2 minutes a day tending his indoor garden, and … Read more
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Dehydrating Food & Ayurveda

When I started dehydrating my extra greens (think kale chips and soup mixes for winter) during the summer, I wondered why we didn’t talk about the best methods of nutrient, enzyme and prana preservation techniques in Ayurveda school. We learned that if Vata bodytypes eat too much dehydrated food (like nuts and dried fruits) they won’t be able to poop, unless they soak it first. True enough. However, there is a whole world of Ayruveda in dehydrated food I’ve since discovered.

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Summer Kitchen Sadhana with a Dehydrator

As far as I can tell, summer living foods sadhana has a lot to do with winter. Those of you involved in growing or foraging food  are familiar with the ridiculous bounty available right now. I grew up learning about canning, which destroys prana, enzymes and nutrients. With the dehydrator and small batch pickling you can can preserve your … Read more

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Wild Greens Pesto

During last year’s Raw Food Solstice Fest I learned about sweet cicely during our wild plant walk near my house. I’d been eating a lot of dandelion, thistle and nettle, and the SWEET taste of Cicely made me an instant fan. Green and sweet? Sweet.

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Forage for Superfoods

If you’re a typical American…

eating a Standard American Diet (yes… the SAD diet), you eat around 30 different species of plant life in an annual cycle . Meaning the total number of species you ingest per year.

To give you context, Native Americans species count was well over 1,000. Just for foods. Once you get into medicinals and plants … Read more

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Cate’s Kitchen Sadhana in Autumn

Kitchen Sādhanā

Kitchen = where you prepare your food body
Sadhana = Sanskrit साधना, literally “a means of accomplishing something”)

I first learned about kitchen sadhana from Maya Tiwari’s, Ayurveda: A Life of Balance. I checked this book out of the Jackson Hole library in during the winter of 1997. It deepened my calling. What I’ve found over … Read more

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Mother Nature – Are you with her or against her?

This much has become clear:

Either you’re lining up or you’re not.
Two steps forward, one step back is still  lining up in my book.

Nature can’t not nourish you.

(Thank you Douglas Brooks for introducing me to the power of double negation.)
The more I start eating out of the woods the more food I notice. When you start … Read more

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