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Detox Stories

I asked my Yogidetox community for personal yogidetox stories. The stories from my detoxers split open my heart. At the helm of this big ship I can’t know each person’s unique process. I often think I don’t need to guide the Yogidetox anymore – our culture has evolved to making this commonplace enough.

Yet these stories invigorate my personal detox … Read more

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Love letter to Agni

Dear Agni,
When I look back at our history I see that our best days are yet to come. And I write this letter to you because I want you to get my full attention. I write this letter to you publicly, because I want others to give you more attention.

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Sacred Impact: Lesson 6: Dharma and Agni

Once a time there was a woman. She started to go to yoga class. She discovered parts of herself she never knew. She tapped into depth. She gained access to witness awareness. Her vocabulary expanded with her discoveries. And her discoveries expanded with her vocabulary. She started to learn Ayurveda, and moved even deeper into her sacred anatomy. She became more sensitive, more articulate…and unfortunately, more self-absorbed. What? Self-absorbed?

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Sacred Anatomy: Part 5: Sacred Politics

The sensitivity needs to be directed outwardly as much as inwardly. Too many yoga peeps I know get a little self-absorbed in the inward applications of their sensitivity. You know the story… the person who lets you know just how sensitive their digestion has become… and exactly what substances they can and can’t ingest. It’s really a disease of too much inward focus and not enough outward focus. An Ayurvedic practitioner might diagnose tamas in the manomayakosha.

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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 4: Applied Chemistry

The doshas have biorhythms. The more yoga or meditation we do – the more obvious the biorhythms become. The biorhythms aren’t optional. They create a potential of optimal response – or choice making. The more sensitive we become the better the choice we have the potential of making.

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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 3: Sacred Chemistry

Sacred Chemistry is what happens when we perceive the transmutations and subtle gradients. We allow and observe the energetic transfers between energy (prana) and matter (everything prana can influence). The hard scientists may cringe. Cringe away – we hippie-dippies don’t care. And check out the genius work of Dr. John Hankey who is mapping Ayurveda out in hard science. Liberated from a more material approach to chemistry, we are free to see why indeed Ayurveda has been around so damn long and just won’t quit.

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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 2: Systems Theory

I find the crux is in keeping perspective. In the last lesson I waxed poetic on the importance of keeping a flossed inner body throughout the day – an expanded physiological reality. In this lesson I drive home the necessity of tapping into and maintaining a ginormous cosmos-centered perspective. Odin figured this out. Not the dog…but the Norse God – the father of Thor -the god of the mysterious realms of wisdom.

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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 1

The first story is the Before-I-had-much-education-on-my-sacred-anatomy story. It starts with a kick-me-when-I’m-down story. I think we all have a kick-me-when-I’m-down story. A dark night of the soul. A wake up call into a reality our ego would like to take a raincheck on. Some of us take it as a personal assault from the divine. This batch of folks falls into the demise of those with victim-mentality. I knew enough to know better. Maybe.

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Are you asking the wrong question?

The Wrong Question:

“My friend has MS – Is there anything Ayurveda can do for her?”

… a quick interview of Dr. Claudia Welch explains why this is the WRONG QUESTION. The short easy question to ask to any good holistic practitioner puts a huge burden on the practitioner. For to aptly answer this question, the practitioner needs to ask … Read more

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Resolve to be Useful

I’ve been noticing the conversation “out there” about resolutions. The tide seems to be shifted away from resolutions (argument: they don’t work) and towards something else. The something else isn’t well articulated. Here is my two cents:

Humans are part of a cyclical planet. Cycles have pulsation. Resolve is part of the pulsation. If we don’t take time out to … Read more

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