Sculpt Your Brain and Better Self with Lisa Wimberger

I'm curious about my potentiality. And I'm curious about yours too. Why separates those who step into their potential from those who retract into safe familiar territory? Today's episode taps into the learnings of Lisa Wimberger, developer of the technique Neuroscultping. She teaches you how to...

The Power of a Menstruating Woman with Sinu Joseph

For most modern women today, no matter if you're from the east or the west, menses is weird. We aren't passed down women's wisdom on what it's all about. We're often caught missed 20+ years of good women wisdom schooling by the time we're in...

The Paleo Diet Meets Ayurveda with Dr. Akil Palanisamy

What does a plant-based, Ayurvedically-informed Paleo Diet look like? Find out on today’s show. In this episode we go trendy with the hot and hip gastronomical words: microbiome, nutrient density, Paleo, micronutrients, phytochemical, gut bacteria, antioxidants, epigenetics, anti-inflammatories. That’s right. Dr. Akil gets down and dorky,...