I’ll help you shift into vibrant health.

Welcome.  If you want to evolve your own health and thrive and to get older without aging, you’re in the right place. I help people of all ages with many kinds of physical, mental, emotional and relational issues.  I help people of all ages shift into better health… even vibrant health.

3 Take-Aways I guarantee when you engage with me 1-1:

  1. A personalized, step-by-step process of what to do to shift your body/mind into integrated wellness.
  2. Specific practices adjusted to your life to accelerate your health.
  3. A clear understanding and diagnosis of your symptoms from an Ayurvedic perspective

 I’ve created a series of packages to make it easier for me to help you. Upgrading our health is rooted in diet and lifestyle changes. I can tell you what needs to change in a 1 hour session.

Unfortunately, just because we know what we should do doesn’t mean we do it consistently. Awareness is only the first step. To actually shift into vibrant health you need to make changes. I know how to coach and support you through those changes. My trouble shooting skills to make it possible for YOU to make changes are on the mark.

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You’ll save a pile of cash going for the packages over booking an individual session. This helps me help you more effectively. I look forward to working with you.

Our options for working together:


You want a be lean and clean.
You’re ready for your clothes to fit better than ever. You’re ready to be comfortable in your own skin.You’re ready for more energy, better sleep, and a body that wakes up easily… feeling good!

This is possible. I know how to get you there.

When you sign up for Lean and Clean, I can full on support your transformation in your body and in your kitchen. This is my guaranteed low-cost, high returns personal upgrade program.

Ready to drop weight? Do you want your kitchen to reflect what you want to put in your body? When you sign up for the Lean & Clean, I can full on support your transformation in your body, your kitchen, & your relationships. This is my full-on personal upgrade program.

Find out what the one month support package includes.

When I first started to work with clients in 2001, I realized how much of health is related to our daily habits.  Weoperate on our momentum from the past. To change our patterns into habits that are deeply nourishing is the name of the game.

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Cate’s 2 month support package includes:

  • The shift you need to evolve your daily habits
  • Personal guidance through 1-1 time with Cate
  • Support resources delivered to your inbox weekly to keep you on track to your better body.


If you are unwell, and know it”s not going to be a quick fix.securedownload (1)

The old model of health care is to call someone when you’re sick. Then you see them. You may call them later to follow-up. Or you might not. This doesn’t work with health evolution. If you truly want to flourish, you need someone who gets what is going on with you from many levels: who gets what is going on in your body.. and why; understands the nature of your mind; who can diagnose from a subtle level the interconnections of your mind, body and spiritual potential. You have the potential to evolve your health and to age in an ageless model. Are you ready to flourish?

I’m ready to support you Revive. Even it you have a serious disease and are under allopathic care. I’ll help you with your digestion, sleep, elimination, energy and mind space. After a few months of integrating mind and body practices unique to your needs, you’ll hit a new level of Thrive.

To be realistic, it takes time to become established in deeply nourishing daily and seasonal habits. I know how to get you from where you are, even if it’s in the middle of cancer treatment, into a much better way of living. Using ancient and cutting edge tools of awakening vibrant health, I guide, inform, and support your journey from where you are right now. Exhale. There is the new model of healthcare which is founded on cooperation with your body, compassionate support, and deep listening.

Cate’s 6 month support package includes:

  • The shift you need to evolve your daily habits
  • Personal guidance through 1-1 time with Cate
  • Support resources delivered to your inbox weekly to keep you on track to your better body for months!
  • Long term guidance to help identify shadow-issues and ancestral patterns that inhibit your thrive.

Personal Health Upgrade (30-60 minutes)

personal health upgrade Packages

  • Once you sign up, you email me an overview of how you want to shift your health, and your life (if it’s relevant).
  • We talk and I troubleshoot to figure out what you’re doing that is out of alignment with who you want to be and how you want to feel.
  • We troubleshoot making real food habit, sleep habit, energy habit changes this week.
  • We agree on a specific program, particular to your own needs and situation, and an mp3 recording of the session.
  • Includes an Online Support page with select videos, recipes, and audios to support your emerging self.


What is in your toolbox, Cate?DSC00178

  • Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (your bodytype, subtle dis-ease pathogenesis, plant-diet, plant-medicine)
  • Living Foods Ayurveda (living foods approach to optimal evolutionary health)
  • Anusara Yoga Therapeutics (spiritual and physical alignment… as well as healing joint issues)
  • Evolutionary Enlightenment Practices and Perspectives (meditation, and upgrading you in relationships to support your intentions)
  • Intuition (from 15 years of meditation, yoga and spiritual practice)
  • Sense of wit and the practically of a mother

“I contacted Cate at a time when I was facing enormous physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual challenges, including recovering from major surgery. I signed up for the Revive and Thrive package because I needed the extra guidance and custom-tailored suggestions Cate could provide. While I initially thought we’d spend most of our time discussing the cleanse, I was astonished by the breadth of Cate’s knowledge and the number of topics on which she could competently advise me.

She customized a transformative program of Ayurvedic herbs, self-care practices, readings, diet, yoga, and meditation that facilitated my recovery. As for the cleanse, its effects were striking: my allergies improved, I lost weight, I slept soundly, my head cleared and my spirits lifted. I had been skeptical about the possibility of changing my cravings as I already ate well, but now I am typically eating a diet of 80% living foods, without feeling any sense of deprivation.

Cate has truly been a healer for me, a catalyst for remodeling my life and an amazing resource of information.”

Elisa Camiscioli, PhD, and Inspired Anusara Yoga Teacher

“After working with you, I am now about 50% raw with no processed foods, and notice a big shift. My wife Ellen is coming on board, so I I hope to make a bigger shift. My sinuses and headaches are much better, no pharmaceuticals, only neti, sinus lube, pranayama, yoga and better diet. Namaste.”
David Livesay, SC

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