Mama Birthing

Before conceiving Indigo,

I trained and worked as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. I was also a Prenatal Yoga teacher and birthing Doula, having received training at the prestigious Seattle Midwifery School. In other words… I had some holistic health wisdom under my belt.

I began looking for resources that would fully engage my whole changing being; engage in my most powerful rites-of-passage – the rite of mamabirthing. I found some resources: an article here, a yoga class there, a home-birthing midwife, a great book. Piecemeal tidbits of blessed, insightful wisdom.

I began to notice this enormous gap that isn’t filled by a yoga teacher or a midwife or a husband or a friend or a book.

Gaping Gaps + Missing Links

“There is a gap to bridge between what professionals think mothers do, think, and want, and what mothers, in reality, do, think, and want.”

Journal of Midwifery, Womens Health. 2006

Pregnant, I had a busy work life and not much time to go here or there for classes. I lived in a rural area with excellent midwives and birth doulas. Yet, I couldn’t find a course for evolving motherhood online or locally.

Even though I had a hard drive of knowledge in my brain… I didn’t have a guide to hold me and encourage me to the next level of my depth potential. I didn’t have a guide to focus or inform my choices around foods, meditation, practices, and daily routines in a way that optimized this sacred opportunity of bringing forth new life.

And yet internally, I sensed that the importance of this process rests in the daily experiences of my habits. I sensed that my daily habits with plants, foods, spices, teas, routines, baths, self-massage, conversations and meditations all had the potential to ensure that my inner choice maker was on target.

I equally sensed that those who didn’t have the yoga / ayurveda / doula background I had would have a HUGE INFORMATION GAP. I sensed that those of us who are looking for cutting-edge self-evolution and wellness care through the entire cycle of conception through postpartum need our own course. I sensed that if we had a course that pulled the whole shebang together and moved us into a deeper knowing, with detailed specifics, that the next generation of mamas, babes and families would be grounded in a depth of inner wisdom.

I sensed that if we didn’t take this opportunity… the consequences are very real… and quite negative.

And that is how Mamabirthing was born. A course designed around you and your pre- and post-birthing needs. A course of completeness and wellbeing… especially for you.

“As a result of mamabirthing, I began to see the LACK of self care women give themselves postpartum, and I began to see the connection to postpartum difficulty and chronic imbalances in some of my clients.”
Laura Smith, CAP, LMP, Ayurvedic Health Center

Get the Missing Link to Postpartum Thrive

What I’ve got for you

Mamabirthing is a holistic course designed to deepen your intuition and develop systems and skills for upleveling the wellness and the thrive of your changing family. Mamabirthing engages your soul, your body and your mind on an educational journey into your potential as a mother. This is for new mothers, experienced mothers, and prenatal/postpartum professionals alike.

What you get with Mamabirthing:

Mamabirthing is a guide to evolve your wellness… whether you are just pregnant, preparing for birth, or postpartum. This course is centered in the rich tradition of Ayurvedic medicine, yet applied in a cutting-edge, practical way. (Ayurveda has the best historical track record for honoring mothers as the midline of the species and honoring the prenatal through postpartum process as essential to a women’s long term health.)

  • 5 audio classes (MP3) on the Evolutionary Childbearing Course guided by Cate Stillman. 9 hours total to journey you through mamabirthing education. Sessions include: Ayurvedic Theory, Foods for prenatal/postpartum, discovering constitution, troubleshooting imbalances.
  • 40 pages of beautiful visual learning tools to focus on specifics of the course. Includes self-care practices, trimester cheat sheets, recipes, training your support team, and a walk through the basics of Ayurveda and body types.
  • 3 yoga classes (30-45 minutes on Audio) to nourish and nurture your inner mama. Themes are designed to cultivate your inner mothering and self-care skills and are applicable wherever you are in the mothering journey.

  • Traditional Ayurveda and Living Foods Recipes. Specific foods, teas, and remedies included.
  • Postpartum guidelines for Mama, for Partner and for Baby.
  • Immediate guidelines following birth and general guidelines for a month or two down the road.
  • Interviews with today’s leading edge Gentle Birth Caregivers. Talks with Veronika Robinson
  • An interview exclusive on Unassisted Birth with an original member of the Group.

“I have listened to your series on evolutionary childbearing and really enjoyed them. Full of information and well articulated. I’d love to sit down and talk with you some day. I am in Bellingham WA and am beginning to offer post partum care and an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Massage Practitioner as well as a certified hypnotherapist. All come into play. Thanks for all you do.

“This course might help women see the subtle, gentle things a woman can do to help create the best baby body possible. It could open a woman up to the subtle body relationship as well (great meditations). It really really tuned me into the reality that it in not just Mama to Baby relational flow, but it is really Universe to Mama to Baby. Much much better way to feel (having had a tough post partum myself 7 years ago).”
Laura Smith, CAP, LMP Ayurvedic Health Center

Inside mamabirthing e-course:

  • 5 lectures, each with Q & A
  • Follow a group moving through the course live.
  • Take your time. Share appropriate parts with your husband or mother or friend

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Audio Files

  • Attune Yoga Session with Cate(30 minute practice)
  • Align Yoga Practice with Cate (30 minute practice)
  • Rebuild Yoga Practice (30 minute postpartum).  On the mat session to center yourself following your birth and rebuild your pelvic floor.

Yoga Advice based on the Trimesters, Birthing and Postpartum

  • Jessica Jennings, a prenatal yoga teacher, dialogues with Cate on Yoga for each trimester, including birth and postpartum
  • Beyond the Do’s and Don’ts… we have an enlivening talk about the essence of the practice
  • Insights from Cate and the mama yoga evolution that our generation is bringing to the prenatal postpartum practice
  • Evolutions of Anusara Yoga Therapeutics into practice through mamabirthing

Expert Advice for Mamabirthing Wisdom: the Interviews

  • Interview with Ysha Oakes: Ayurvedic Postpartum Guru and founder of The Sacred Window
  • Interview with Suzanne Leusch: Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
  • Interview with Cindy Riegl: The Unassisted Birth
  • Interview with Veronika Robinson, founder of The Mother Magazine:  Gentle Mothering

The Guidebook

  • Beautiful 40 page E-Book to inspire your practices, your self-care and to build your birth kula (community).
  • Includes: Ayurvedic Constitution Tools
  • Trimester CheatSheets
  • Postpartum for Mama, Baby, and Partner CheatSheets
  • Building your Circle of Support
  • Recipe e-book for Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Remedies from Ayurveda for Prenatal and Postpartum issues

For information on personal sessions with Cate, click here.

Mamabirthing members tell it like it is:

“The course was great for me – especially the reminder to slow down, enjoy growing a baby, feed it well, and ask for help! I tried no wheat/sugar for a while and kept up with yoga, some meditation (still a challenge for me to fit that in), and exercise. I felt very mobile, light, and energized throughout most of my pregnancy – even did the swim leg of a triathlon at 30 weeks. I think the third was the easiest pregnancy, birth, and recovery…”
Cindy Riegel, mother of 3, prenatal yoga teacher

“What I got most out of this course was compassion for myself and my body following birth. Acknowledgement of the profundity of the first 6 months after birth. Due to the course I experienced expanded joy, and increased pleasure in having a child. Another benefit I never would have predicted was the expanded strength resulting in willingness to advocate for changes at work that allowed for increased bonding time between me and my child during the first 6 months following birth.”
Kate Maguire, mom and PhD of PT

“The Mamabirthing course has been a great support for me personally in my pregnancy and postpartum time. The biggest gift in all of these audios is the postpartum resources. I’ve passed along quite a lot of the postpartum info in my prenatal yoga classes. Thanks for creating a course for women who love yoga to go deep into the motherhood journey.””
Kate Miller, founder of Red Moon Yoga in Washington, D.C.
“Taking the Mamabirthing course with Cate was an amazing experience that changed how I think about the journey to motherhood. Having taught prenatal yoga for 10 years and being a mom myself, I thought I knew a bit about it. But learning about Ayurveda for me took the yoga off the mat into the kitchen, and taught me ways moms-to-be can use food to support themselves and their growing baby – in and out of the belly!
Cate’s course inspired me to study more with her and I continue to learn and practice. Most of all, it helped me understand better what it means to line up with the bigger energies and rhythms of the day, of the seasons, and of our bodies so we can be more powerful participants in our life-long dance of co-creation. I now have jars of grains and beans and herbs, and I actually know how to use them – both for delicious meals and to improve the health of my family.

Thank you Cate, not only for your boundless knowledge, but for your generosity in sharing it, and your wisdom in understanding exactly how to help moms and moms-to-be feel energized and balanced during this wonderful, ever-changing time of life!”

Jessica Jennings, founder of, teacher of prenatal yoga teachers, Los Angeles

“Mamabirthing let me in on the conversation of women taking charge of their health and their babies health, instead of going with the flow like a lemming. What a gift.
Sara Gilbert, GIS profession, mother of 2

Fill in your gaping gaps + missing links.

You can receive immediate access into the mamabirthing vault.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge GreenYour entire mamabirthing package is $149.

Get the whole shebang:

  • 9 hours of audio classes for the prenatal through postpartum journey.
  • Yoga and meditation audio classes for beginners and experienced mamas to strengthen their bodily wisdom.
  • Mamabirthing e-books with recipes, handouts for your people.
  • Exclusive inspirational interviews