Redesign Your Wellness Career

As a yoga teacher or healer, YOU can:

  1. Have a bigger, better impact in the world…
  2. Earn more without working more 
  3. Accelerate the wellness path for your clients and student

At the same time.
Without working yourself into exhaustion.
While having time for your practices… and your kids… and your garden.


Chances are you work too hard for not enough money. It’s odd.. because as a yogi or a healer, you’re smart. You’re well-educated. You know how to help people…and you see a ton of people who need help with their health.

I know you have the skills to help people live a healthier, body-smart life. It’s time to leverage what you know.

As yogis and healers we are well aware of the un-wellness movement out there. We get that people are overstressed, overweight, overworked, overscheduled and over it. Yet, most yoga teachers and healers who can help the masses don’t have enough clients and students to fill their offerings.

And even if those offerings were full, these same yoga teachers and healers don’t have a career model that involves leveraging their time as they get better at offering their expertise.

And I totally get it. For years I didn’t know how to make the choices that would dramatically shift my bank account, which dramatically shifted my life for the better. I have a freedom-based business. I have amazing clients who pay a premium for my help to accelerate their wellness path. This is why I want to help you. I promise – I’m not a better yoga teacher or healer than you. That is not what is making the difference at the end of the day.

You want to implement a clear business strategy … and get results in real time. You are ready to invest to grow your business. I know because I’ve been there and made the decision.

A sea of perfect clients and students for your business is waiting for you. They need you to be business savvy.

This sea of perfect clients and students needs you to understand what they want, and for you to package it in a way that entices them to commit to their wellness goals. And to do that, you need some to do things differently than you’ve done in the past.

If you want to grow - you need to learn how to leverage your time and strategize your services. You’ve probably witness some healers and yoga teachers start to double and triple their income. If you ask them how they did it – you’ll hear they invested time with the right people.

If you are ready to invest in yourself – let’s see what kind of life you can create for yourself, while helping others.  You may need to learn how to make more money – to have the life you want.

I started Yogahealer in 2001. When I look back over the years of being self-employed as a healer and a yoga teacher 1 big thing becomes apparent. I wish I’d invested in my career strategy sooner.

Why?Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 3.20.27 PM I’d have leveraged my time better. I’d have been able to relax through the process of growth. I would have worried less. And, quite frankly, I’d be even better off.

When I look back over the books at Yogahealer there is a direct correlation to when I started to double and triple my income. The correlation follows my investment in understanding how to strategize and optimize my business. Plain. And. Simple.

But, we all know as yoga teachers and healers, we’re not supposed to talk about this. It’s taboo. We place ourselves in the starving artist category.

If you’re ready to break out of the limitations of how you’re currently running your work in the world… let’s get started.

Your work will get out to more of the people who are a perfect fit for your expertise… who want to buy your services… who will pay for higher ticket items that you design particularly for them. Run your business on your terms. Make more money and help your people even more effectively.

Are you ready to Redesign YOUR CAREER?


  • You’re ready to make a healthy, consistent income.
  • You want to design your life on your own terms.
  • You want your offerings to get sold out.
  • You want a better fit with your clients/students. You want to attract people who are motivated to grow and change. 
  • You need to raise your rates without losing clients.
  • You have great ideas – and it’s time to leverage them for more impact and income.

If you are ready to redesign your wellness career, I am ready to help in you.


If you are ready to invest in your growth, I have a choice for you.The choice I have has less to do with the money in your bank account. It has everything to do with how much money you want to make, and your motivation to take action. If you’re ready to make a bigger impact and a bigger income, you can’t go wrong.

The way I can offer 1-1 time and really get strategically involved in your business is wit

h the Inner Circle Club. When you sign up for that you’ll be placed in a group with 5 others who are right at your level and ready to grow. If you’re not ready to invest in the Inner Circle, go with the Basic Business Course. It’s super effective.

The Yogahealer Business Course is for yoga teachers and healers who really want to make a bigger income and a bigger splash. Click below to fill out the application.

“Cate’s Business Course delivers. It is loaded with highly practical content and deep work all geared towards supporting you to evolve your business. Through this course I have gained clarity around who I can best support and how to best serve them. I now have a clear vision and actionable steps of how to direct my energy and resources to grow my impact and income. Thanks Cate! – Kate Towell,
Kate Towell,
“I feel like this shift is really big and exciting. I am so glad I signed up for the 1-1 work (Inner Circle) in the Business Course.”
Suzanne Lynch: owner

I am humming like the bees in the hives out back I just checked this evening, but the honey I’m making is even sweeter than the bee’s, as I sense the coming of great big whopping changes.

Thanks for the time today on the call. I have been humming ever since, as your advice and words just hit the right note, all the way .I’m so glad I’m in the Yogahealer Business Course.”

Matt Starr,
Hi Cate,I just want to send you a note of gratitude for our business course together. I know I was a more silent member of the group and I wish I could have participated more, but with a very active toddler and now little Tejas is here life has been very full. I plan on going back and retaking the course at my own pace with our recordings. What you gave us is of incredible value. After doing what feels like a thousand yoga teacher trainings, all the study with John for nearly ten years…this is the course I needed.
Sharon Rudy


Career redesign doesn’t happen overnight.
That’s why I give our journey 7 months.

Let’s do this… and watch you jump income brackets.

Pay in 1 Payment + Save:

If you need a payment plan, please email Info to set up.