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Learn Your Sacred Anatomy.

Take Better Care of Your Family + raise smarter kids.

And, if  you are a yoga teacher: Build a Better Career.

We start practicing yoga and our body starts changing. We notice. Our diet changes. Our body changes more. We get healthier. We grow curious. We are discovering Ayurveda from the inside out. Wouldn’t it be helpful to study it also, from the outside in? I designed a live Online Ayurveda Course – you can take it from anywhere – with yoga teachers and yoga students from around the world.

As a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner, I designed my interactive Living Ayurveda Course particularly for Smart People, Yoga students + Yoga teachers. We learn and apply the body teachings of Ayurveda through the seasons, with a very family-practical and super progressive approach. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a real live and accessible teacher, with the practicality of staying home.

You have the opportunity to learn how your body works from the inside out.

from the inside out. 

Experience the
Ayurveda of the Future.

Ayurveda holds the key to unlock your sacred anatomy.
Get grounded in the most practical systems theory for your body.
And learn how you are interconnected with consciousness,
from spirit to matter, from the inside out.
When this happens … here is what else happens:

100% of Living Ayurveda Members report:

  • kitchen image 300x240 Ayurveda Course Online for Yoga StudentsI understand my physiology
  • I take better care of myself.
  • I am so much more aware of living skillfully.
  • I take better care of my family – both my children and my parents.
  • I  (the yoga teachers) take better care of my Yoga Students (yoga teachers)
  • I eat and digest better.
  • My health improved.
  • I better understand how I may prevent the diseases of my ancestors.
  • I meditate more… and more effectively.
Apply now and get into the Prep School for the Sept. 2015 – June 2016 Class. 

“I am much more aware of the choices I make and how they affect my well-being. My students ask me about diet – and I feel I can tell them a few things to help them improve their health.” 
Mary Van Bueren, Yoga Teacher.

Living Ayurveda Course  “9 months just like that! Cate you have downloaded and imparted so much. The way of living, being, thinking, thriving makes all that I do sustainable! Thank you for being so generous with sharing your knowledge.”   
Kristin Campbell, Yoga Teacher, Whistler, B.C. Living Ayurveda Course 2011-2012

“It’s been so great to be part of this community, and even though I couldn’t make the calls live I got so much out of it. Huge thanks to each of you for  supporting my own growth and clarity this last year and of course maha gratitude to you, Cate, for everything. My own personal health, the health of my  family, and the health of my community of yoga students has improved by leaps and bounds, I have learned so much, and I know that it is only just the beginning of even greater knowledge and personal discovery to come.” Natalie Horscroft, Yoga Teacher & Mentor,Living Ayurveda Course 2011-2012  
Natalie Horscroft, Yoga Teacher & Mentor,Living Ayurveda Course 2011-2012

“Cate’s Living Ayurveda Course is very comprehensive. Not only does it throrougly cover the basics of Ayurveda, we are also invited to experience Ayurveda “outside the box.” I love having so much information at my disposal at the same time it is going to take time and effort to transform all the knowledge into wisdom.

This course of study is absolutely fascinating and pragmatic. I highly recommend it. Be ready to shift, adapt and evolve!”

Jai me Allison 

Jai me Allison, http://www.omzoneyoga.com/

“Awesome! I learned practical, accessible, sustainable new ways to help me thrive in the kitchen, in my community, and in my body. Cate Stillman’s Living Ayurveda course was one of the best investments I’ve made in both my health and wellness career and personal health evolution. The course content is value-packed, accessible for any level of engagement. I could participate on a very basic level when that’s all my time or energy would allow, or become fully engaged in infinite depth at any given time. Even though I had to miss some content, the course format allowed me to review content at my own pace and schedule. LAC exceeded my expectations with the depth of ayurvedic theory, practical application and tonnes of support along the way. Can’t wait to take it again, thanks Cate!”
Sarah Clifford

“The Living Ayurveda Course with Cate Stillman was brilliant. If you want to be a pivotal point of change in your and your families health then do this course. You will be empowered to listen to your own body wisdom and learn tools of health sustainability that reset wellbeing not only for you but also for the generations to come.” 
Simone Williamson.

“Cate is an amazing teacher with extensive knowledge and a way of communicating the principles of Ayurveda in a way that makes it totally comprehensible and easy to apply. Just making small changes had a big affect on my life, like incorporating a more structured daily routine impacted the ease of the rhythm to the start of my day. Learning about seasonal eating and how to incorporate the different spices was a delight to my palate (and my hubby’s). I really had no idea of the impact that spices could have on one’s overall well being. I am still digesting and assimilating lots and am totally grateful for the opportunity to study with you.
(I know this was more than a couple of sentences, but you are welcome to use any of it if you wish).
Thank you for the amazing opportunity to study with you.” 
Warmly Shraddha.

“The Living Ayurveda Course has helped me see how choices I make today effect how I will feel tomorrow. It has given me tools and practical tips on how to make better decisions and to live more in sync with nature. From the very first call with Cate I realized this is what I have always known, just simply forgotten. This wisdom is passed on in very practical way and I am so happy to be apart of this journey!” 
Natasha Krochina, Yoga teacher.

“You helped to make Ayurveda understandable in all aspects of life.
Your meditations were a great way to tune into the workings of the body.” 
Lori Lee - owner Yoga Haven

“Overall, I really found this coarse to be very valuable especially the dinacharya. I feel much more grounded and focused. I would listen to the calls and the guest speakers continually while working in the garden and I am really missing hearing Cate’s voice on a regular basis. Much gratitude for all the knowledge that you have passed on. Thank you so much!” 

LAC Training to Added Income Stream

Many students choose to take Yoga Health Coaching with the Living Ayurveda Course.

You will get a discount in the program when you are enrolled in Living Ayurveda.

I want to create the opportunity to leverage your investments and make your money back while you learn. I’m devoted to helping yoga teachers and healers increase revenues by making a bigger impact using what they’ve learned in their wellness careers.Yoga Health Coach

The reason I structure the programs this way is for you to put your wisdom to work. We both know you’ll learn better that way!

The key benefits to the Yoga Health Coaching are:

  1. Accelerate the wellness path of your students and clients.
  2. Open an additional income stream in your yoga career. 
  3. Receive support and guidance to deepen your own body thrive journey.
  4. Niche market your Yoga Health Coaching skills.
  5. Become Certified as  a Yoga Health Coach + receive super progressive yoga career training.

Become a certified Yoga Health Coach after Living Ayurveda, and get a huge discount from Cate on your Certification. You will learn how to coach people successfully through the fundamental yoga health habits… and add an additional income stream to your career.

Why smart people, Yoga Students + Yoga teachers take the Living Ayurveda Course

 For Smart People

  • To feel better and smarter as you get older.
  • To use your spice cabinet as your medicine cabinet.
  • To teach your children how to own their bodies.
  • To awaken your Sacred Anatomy and experience more bliss in body, spirit, and  in relationship.

For Yoga Students

  • To learn how Ayurveda really works in your body.
  • To live into a deeper wisdom for yourself, and your household, and your community.
  • To understand how disease, and preventing dis-ease work in Ayurveda.
  • To know your health history and how to change your genetic future.
  • To teach the next generation the Future of Ayurveda.

For Yoga Teachers

  • Because you should know Ayurveda if you teach Yoga
  • To deepen your understanding of Yoga
  • To awaken your sacred anatomy
  • To nourish your students with deep body wisdom
  • To teach Ayurveda on the mat
  • To teach Ayurveda in your Teacher Trainings
  • To become a Yoga Health Coach
  • To accelerate your Career
  • To accelerate your students health evolution
  • To help others heal and prevent disease

charlotte clews lawther 150x150 Ayurveda Course Online for Yoga Students“I have absolutely loved the Living Ayurveda Course (and all the cleanses). I have learned far more than the fundamentals of Ayurveda; I have learned how to step more fully into the flow of consciousness in every aspect of my life as a mother, a yoga teacher, a nutritional counselor, and even as an ecologist! This course has pushed me to take Anusara off my mat in every possible way. The beauty of this course is in how simply and elegantly you have used the Ayurvedic system to enumerate the ways in which we can embody the Shiva-Shakti Tantric philosophy by making even the most mundane habits (cooking, walking, bathing, tongue scraping!) sacred. It’s this cultivation of sensitivity, this awareness of consciousness that has allowed me to expand in ways I never thought possible. It makes me laugh out loud to see how much clarity and freedom I have received from practicing with you over the last nine months! I am filled with gratitude. Blessings.” -Charlotte Clews Lawther Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher
Kathy Edds Ayurveda Course Online for Yoga Students“My yoga teachings have deepened just due to the knowledge that has been flowing my way helping me to understand the subtle body. And my meditation has deepened immensely most likely from better eating habits and a more clear subtle body. My daily practices have really helped me!” Kathy Edds, yoga teacher in Arizona
marial“Connecting Antient wisdom to the modern you! Keeping it simple & worable to enchance your daily vibrant life. Wow! Brilliant! Cate Stillman explains it so well. Thank you for the Light!.” Marial Shea
fernanda“Cate, this course is amazing. It has opened me up to whole new possibilities of health and lifestyle that I never even thought possible before. It has changed my life, my health, my habits, and those of my family in ways unforeseen to me before I started the course. I cannot thank you enough! You have blown my entire world open with new possibilities for my personal health and wellbeing, that of my family, and for my career and life. THANK YOU!!!!!” Fernanda Grisetti
gracy“This course exceeded my expectations. I lost 25 lbs without trying, joyfully switched to a planet-based diet and see how powerful I am when I live by daily and seasonal rhythms. Cate is brilliant. She makes Ayurveda accessible, interesting, and understandable as an evolving science within us all.If you want to learn more about how to live a life of self-care and connection, I whole-heartedly recommend signing up for LAC.” Gracy Obuchowicz
lisa-1“As someone new to yoga and alternative medicines/wellness, I found the LAC course enlightening and inspiring. It opened up a completely new door of wellness and knowledge for me. I will always want to learn more about ayurveda and holistic living. To drive lessons home, Cate relates the course material to practical, modern living and provides specific examples of lifestyle changes/enhancements we can make to apply this ancient wisdom to 21st century life. I am truly grateful to have found this course and Yogahealer.com!” Lisa Newcomb
Batool Merali“Connecting Antient wisdom to the modern you! Keeping it simple & worable to enchance your daily vibrant life. Wow! Brilliant! Cate Stillman explains it so well. Thank you for the Light!” Batool Merali
“Cate has a great way of teaching and articulating some very complicated concepts in such a concise and accessible way. Bringing in other teachers and speakers really helps round it all out and give a broader view of all these magnificent teachings. I have taken the course twice and will take it again this year because it keeps growing and changing. For me, it’s like subscribing to an Aryurvedic Life magazine where every month there is some exciting new article or information that I hadn’t heard before. Being in the course also helps to keep me on track.” Laura McCann
“Thank you for helping to change my life thru diet, lifestyle and the teachings of ayurveda. It is so complicated but simple at the same time. I look forward to gaining more knowledge .” Susan mason


Apply now and get into Living Ayurveda Prep School from now until class starts on Sept. 2015.

Ayurveda online Study

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Who can guide me through Ayurveda in a practical and personal?
  • Where can I find a supportive community so that I learn faster and deeper?
  • (And for yoga teachers): Who can help me integrate Ayurveda for to progress my yoga career?

Live … learn… breath a super practical, progressive,
real life experience of Ayurveda with Cate for 9 months.

Awaken your Sacred Anatomy for life. 

A note to you from Cate on the 8th Annual Living Ayurveda Course:

Cate-Stillman 2014

I’m interested in making a huge difference in your health potential. I’m interested not just for you, but I know that changes in your life affect a community of people who matter to you. I know you’re committed to your own health evolution and the health evolution of our culture. September 30, 2015 begins my 8th annual 9 month Living Ayurveda Course. For years before developing the course, I recognized the need for an educational and supportive format to wellness.
  • The model of 1-on-1 visits as a means to wellness is outdated. Deep wisdom + practical education + tight community support creates the dynamism for real health evolution. The benefit of learning how to optimize your rituals and routines with nature’s changing cycles, during those seasons, is the best way to gain a lifetime of best practices and awaken deeper wisdom.
  • The Living Ayurveda Course is a deep exploration to know thyself and thy Self. You will learn how to have a body for a lifetime. We have a great group of smart people, yoga students, and yoga teachers in Prep School for the Sept. 2015-June 2016 LAC class. Join + you will awaken your sacred anatomy. I look forward to getting to know you better. 
 with love,
founder of Yogahealer.com

The Living Ayurveda Course is unique due to:

  1. We’re online, but it’s a personal interactive learning approach. You can talk to Cate each week for 9 months!  
  2. Practical Ayurveda + Living Foods Ayurveda. You aren’t encouraged to “go raw”. You’re educated about living foods.
  3. You become part of a small group of health evolutionaries… curious about meeting the needs in our communities needs with a practical approach to Ayurveda.
  4. You learn to relate to health across generations through various times of life.

  1. Apply
  2. Listen to the Q+A audio
  3. Interview with Cate or Alex
  4. Register
  5. Prep School now- Sept. 2015
  6. Sept 2015-June 2016: Experience Your Sacred Anatomy.


Now is the time to apply.

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