5 Books for Awake Living, Focus + Ease

Before we dive into the books I've chosen in the Awake Living Course, have you heard of VUCA? VUCA is an acronym used to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations. The common usage of the term VUCA began in the 1990s and derives from military vocabulary. Understanding VUCA can help us understand why we want awake living, focus and ease in our life right now. VUCA diagnoses our current...

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Make your life happen

When Alex Biondo came to work for me at, she was "letting life happen to her instead of making her life happen." She had been in a career that didn't fulfill her. She was carrying extra weight. She was feeling aches and pains for the first time in her life, in the form of intense back pain. She was self-soothing with an evening wine habit. When I hired Alex in January 2015 I knew she had some...

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Dharma eats ego for breakfast

I waited for someone to give me permission, to invite me, personally, to step into my bigger Dharma. I thought it was my ego that wanted me to step into a bigger Dharma. Have you had the same thought pattern? ...

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7 Lessons to Uplevel Your Wellness Career

While the wellness industry is booming, it's easy for us wellness practitioners to get lost in the shuffle. I know firsthand that many yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, fitness coaches, nutritionists, holistic coaches, and even holistic docs are having a super challenging time trying to figure out how to reach the income/lifestyle experience they want. I know many of you are just getting by, loving your work, and making sacrifices to do it well. Chances are, you...

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My Regular Life…

  Guest Blog post by Living Ayurveda Course Member, Heather Stewart. To watch the intro videos for the Living Ayurveda Course, click here.   I’ll call this my year of firsts. Until now, I’ve never written a blog post. In fact, I’ve never even read one. Well, that’s not true. I read one once. That’s not my 1st first for this year though. This is the first year I’ve struggled with near-sighted vision. Oh, the joys of getting...

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Print + Pin to Fridge

5 Steps to Your Reset

A Reset mode is a lovely time out. Often we wait until we’re sick to take time out of life. This sets up a pattern that feeds the disease process. Instead, we can train ourselves to crave a seasonal time out. When we take time out twice a year to slow down, to rejuvenate, to heal, to reset, we give ourselves a chance to update our habits in line with who we want to be now....

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5 of My Favorite Yogi Detox Books

Twice a year since 2002, without fail, I lead a group cleanse, based on the seasonal wisdom of Ayurveda. Over the years I've amassed books on the topic of detox. Of the dozens of books I've read a few I use more than others. I've selected 5 that I'm recommending for my Yogidetoxers right now. Read below and I'll tell you why I've selected that book in particular.   1.  The Seasonal Detox Diet:  Remedies from the Ancient...

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ayurveda squatty potty

[The Yogi’s Guide] to Stuff Your Should have at Home

My publicist passes questions to me everyday from national publications. We particularly liked this one: What are the Top 10 things that I use everyday that most people don’t? I made the list of stuff I rely on every day to have a day packed with thrive. It's not that I couldn't live without  this stuff. Everyday is better with these particular amazing things in my life. Drumroll, please...

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