30 Jan Body Thrive Book Club to Sweep Yoga Studios Worldwide

  PHILADELPHIA, PA  (January 2016) - Following the successful launch of yoga habits book Body Thrive : Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga, Stillman is guiding yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, book clubs, and holistic experts in creating their own book club.   Since its launch, Body Thrive has accumulated both positive and honest reviews from yoga instructors and ayurvedic counselors, a majority of whom gave the book five-star Amazon ratings....

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22 Jan FREE “What Is Yoga Health Coaching?” Webinar

Next week, we will be hosting a free webinar “What is Yoga Health Coaching?” on Wednesday, January 27th 1:00 PM EST. Find out how Yoga Health Coaches accelerate the wellness path of your clients while reaching their income goals and living a freedom-based lifestyle.. You learn how to break through through to the next income bracket, with a proven business model. Yoga Health Coaching is a 15 month training that will take your career to the...

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06 Jan Identity Shift, Ahamkara + Better Habits

But, here is the crux: to actually automate this habit that we’ve never had, we need to let it change us. We need to tap into our own plasticity of form. Think “Plasticman”. We need to be shape-shiftable enough to become that person who has that habit. For example, you’ll recall my new goal is to Stick to a work plan in 2016 that reaches my goals. My new habit is Spend the first 10...

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31 Dec How To Steep Yourself

Let’s get back to the conversation on steeping ourselves in a habit. Many of you know that tea, and even coffee for that matter, are fermented. To steep implies a chemical reaction that has to do with change over time. The strength comes with time. "A culture" Fermented foods are also called “cultured foods”. And a culture? A culture is a living entity in itself. A culture grows stronger with time. Habits are cultures. We are literally, physically...

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The Habit of HABIT for 2016

28 Dec The Habit of HABIT for 2016

As we end this year and start a new one, I knew the way I could be of most use to you is to tell you what I've learned about habits. Habits - which are the un-sexy, un-scintillating backbone of their most illustrious comrade: goals. If you set goals in 2015 you didn't reach, it's most likely because you didn't set the habits to reach them. Habits are the backbone of goals. Habits are built through repetition. Many...

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21 Nov Golden Milk

MY PREFERRED NIGHTCAP! Golden milk has officially become my favorite nightcap as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer here in DC. It’s one of those delicious treats that taste almost sinful, yet so good for you. I like to end my day with a warm cup of golden milk made with my homemade almond milk (you can find the almond milk recipe in the blog section) for several reasons – turmeric is the ultimate...

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learning ayurveda from gurus

05 Nov Invite a friend to the Free Ayurveda Summit

    It's starting next week! Share this with your yoga pal! Dr. Robert Svoboda, in the Ayurveda Summit: “Having a mentor or guru multiplied my ability to gain a grasp on Ayurveda.”     Dear Friend,   A year of work is coming to an apex next week with the release of the free online Ayurveda Summit. I know most of you are already signed up. Woo hoo! Exhale.   Now, I'm going to ask you to share this with 1 friend, who probably doesn't...

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