Early Dinners Cheat Sheet

early dinner


Simple + yummy

Dinner needs to be easy to digest. Humans are primates, and don’t produce much bile at night to digest food. Create a simple and yummy meal. The later you eat, the lighter it needs to be. Soups and salads… raw or cooked…. cold or warm, depending on season.

early dinnerPlan ahead.

You have to schedule an earlier … Read more

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Detox Stories

April Yogidetox2

I asked my Yogidetox community for personal yogidetox stories. The stories from my detoxers split open my heart. At the helm of this big ship I can’t know each person’s unique process. I often think I don’t need to guide the Yogidetox anymore – our culture has evolved to making this commonplace enough.

Yet these stories invigorate my personal detox … Read more

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Spray Your Sprouts

You may have noticed the sprouts disappear from your whole foods store. I sprout at home…so I was in the dark on this one. Then one day I was in a Whole Foods when I was traveling. Looking for my essentials for my green drink (sprouts, greens, celery, apples, lemon) I was stumped. I looked for the sprouts for at … Read more

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Detox Cheatsheet: Daily Checklist + Food Guidelines

Step 1: Detox your kitchen
The first rule of detox is make space. Make space in your fridge. Make space on your counter. Get our your blender and your juicer. Chuck the junk. You don’t need it anymore and you won’t want it when we’re done.

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How to Detox Without Losing Weight

What is the Detox Opportunity for the Skinny Yogini? Detox is a concentrated time where we try new habits on. Changing habits is hard. During a detox we change a lot of habits all at once. These habit changes aren’t meant to be sustainable. The shift is a Great Leap Forward. We have a great leap. A massive reset. And from this new seat we decide that which is worth maintaining in the day to day.

Listen to the video where Beth and I uncover the opportunity for her to reset her physiology in tune with the rest she needs. We work out an easy plan for her to use the yogidetox to reset:

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Love letter to Agni

Dear Agni,
When I look back at our history I see that our best days are yet to come. And I write this letter to you because I want you to get my full attention. I write this letter to you publicly, because I want others to give you more attention.

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Q+A for Yogi Detoxing

I put the word out in the last email about your questions for your next seasonal detox. I got back a slew of questions… and here are the ones I answer in the video. You can also just download the audio. And – you can print the 5 Steps to Your Detox Cheatsheet here. It’s all about connection and nourishment – not deprivation.

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5 Steps to Detox Cheatsheet

Dear YogiDetoxer,

I’ve created a few cheatsheets for you in anticipation of your upcoming at-home-retreat/self-care upgrade sess.

Here is the first one. It’s a Treasure Hunt for your Better Body. It’s also 5 Steps to your Yogidetox. Enjoy. Share the love. Pin. etc.

Here is your next cheatsheet. Print. And Share!

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Sacred Impact: Lesson 6: Dharma and Agni

Once a time there was a woman. She started to go to yoga class. She discovered parts of herself she never knew. She tapped into depth. She gained access to witness awareness. Her vocabulary expanded with her discoveries. And her discoveries expanded with her vocabulary. She started to learn Ayurveda, and moved even deeper into her sacred anatomy. She became more sensitive, more articulate…and unfortunately, more self-absorbed. What? Self-absorbed?

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Sacred Anatomy: Part 5: Sacred Politics

The sensitivity needs to be directed outwardly as much as inwardly. Too many yoga peeps I know get a little self-absorbed in the inward applications of their sensitivity. You know the story… the person who lets you know just how sensitive their digestion has become… and exactly what substances they can and can’t ingest. It’s really a disease of too much inward focus and not enough outward focus. An Ayurvedic practitioner might diagnose tamas in the manomayakosha.

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